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We have another contender for the most crass, ignorant journalist of the year

December 14, 2010

The police do a job which brings them into contact with some of society’s most unsavoury, criminal figures; where they see scenes and incidents that most of us would prefer to never look upon; and they are sometimes sent into situations that leave them confronted with impossible choices. But what is Richard Littlejohn’s excuse for being a complete fucking wanker.

This is from his Daily Mail column (14 December), which you can find here. I’ve reproduced the pertinent bit below to save you from wading through all the other aul’ shite he writes.

I want to go to the demo…

Wheelchair-bound Jody Mcintyre has complained that he was beaten and manhandled by police during last week’s student fees protests.

But if he’s looking for sympathy, he’s come to the wrong place.

A man in a wheelchair is as entitled to demonstrate as anyone else. But he should have kept a safe distance.

Don't like it: Wheelchair-bound Jody McIntyre was wrong to complain about being mistreated at the student protestsDon’t like it: Wheelchair-bound Jody McIntyre was wrong to complain about being mistreated at the student protests

Mcintyre put himself on offer and his brother pushed him into the front line. It’s not as if he didn’t know there was going to be trouble.

He was also at the last student demo in London and persuaded friends to hoist him on to the roof of the Millbank Tower. If his brakes had failed and he’d gone over the edge, who would he have blamed then?

Jody Mcintyre is like Andy from Little Britain.

‘Where do you want to go today, Jody?’


‘Are you sure? Wouldn’t you rather go to hear Bob Crow speak at the Methodist Central Hall. You like Bob Crow.’

‘Yeah, I know.’

‘So, we’ll go there, eh?’


‘Ken Livingstone will be there, too. He’s your favourite.’


‘All right, then.’

Five minutes later at the riot . . .

‘Don’t like it.’

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