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I wish I’d said that…

August 24, 2009

From Laurie Taylor, The Poppletonion (9 July 2009)


“Seriously misleading.” That was the forthright reaction of Gus Middlewhite, course convenor on our BA in Pork Products, to a new paper on marketisation in higher education.

According to the paper – written by three members of Bournemouth University’s Media School – there is a danger that universities offering vocational degrees as a route into industry will be “reluctant to bite the hand that feeds them”.

“This is certainly not the case in my department,” declared Mr Middlewhite. “Obviously, in a course sponsored by Poppleton Pork Products and devoted to an understanding of pork products, there will be a strong emphasis upon the well-established excellence of pies and sausages made by Poppleton Pork Products. But students are made aware that other pie and sausage options are also available, although some of these may contain traces of gristle.”

Mr Middlewhite also denied the report’s suggestion that such vocational courses failed “to question market values”. “Only last week,” he told The Poppletonian, “our second-year theory course students were busy considering how it was possible to charge £1.50 for a small pork pie when a large pork pie (containing the equivalent meat, cereal and slurry content of six small pork pies) would sell for only £6.50. If that isn’t questioning market values, then I don’t know what is.”

(Please note that the course guide Your Future in Pies and Sausages is now available. Write to The Pork Secretary, Pork Inquiries, Poppleton Pork Products Building, University of Poppleton. Mark your envelope “Pork”.)

See this from the THES (2 July 2009) and then drop by here.

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