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The serious business of terrorising concerned citizens

April 23, 2009

Dunnagall commented on the previous post that he feared we are ‘sleepwalking into a police state’, confirmation of which is over on Organised Rage, where Mick has posted an article by Robert Stevens about the Confidential Intelligence Unit (CIU). The remit of this shadowy police operation is to spy on ‘domestic extremism’, a term so broad that it surely covers any form of protest against the government. You can read Stevens article here. There is mention also of the CIU in an earlier article (February) by Seamus Milne here. Meanwhile, tucked away on The Guardian‘s Comment is free, Henry Porter laments the state of British liberties. Interestingly Porter links the decline in public standards to the attacks on rights and liberties. The rot, I fear, goes deeper and broader than that. The combination of economic crisis, endless war, politicians without even the semblance of a moral compass has rendered vulnerable our human rights. Typically the news tends to treat these issues as discrete rather than related. ‘Joined-up thinking’ would risk indicting the whole bloody system. And we can’t have that. After the violence of G20, better to have a nice, safe and anodyne enquiry, slap a few wrists, assure the public that the rotten apples have been dealt with and get back to the serious business of terrorising the concerned citizens.

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